The biggest benefit of Jurupa Valley spray foam roofing systems: Renewability!

A renewable roof is probably not the first thing that pops into someone’s head when considering a new roofing system, but it should. Considering that having to do maintenance on anything is a hassle, let a roofing system, a spray foam roof is a perfect option if you do not want to worry about it for a long time. With the kind of climate found in Jurupa Valley, a spray foam roof will be more than adequate in providing optimal performance.

This page will help you understand the renewable factor that a spray foam roofing system provides. Spoiler alert* Spray foam roofing is the only roofing system that is renewable!

But what is spray foam roofing?

Jurupa Valley Spray foam roofing is a roofing system comprised of a singular, seamless water-tight structure. The roofing system gets applied through a liquid (isocyanate and resin) spray that expands many times over. Spray foam, as opposed to regular foam, is durable and strengthens the existing structure. When applied evenly, the spray foam roof corrects any unevenness that was previously present. A spray foam roof, as opposed to a system with shingles or tiles, will expand and contract following the outside temperatures, which allows it to perform at an optimal level even in places such as Jurupa Valley.

Benefits of a spray foam roof:

  • Seamless
  • Airtight
  • Great R-value
  • Eco-friendly
  • Insulation
  • Most importantly… It’s renewable!

 What makes a spray foam roof renewable?

You can recoat the spray foam roofing system to renew it, adding a revitalizing layer of protection. Unlike traditional roofing systems that require complete stripping and installation of a new system, a spray foam roofing system does not require the need for any of that. The renewability not only saves you time and money, but it also prevents more waste added to our depleted landfills.

Having a spray foam roof reduces roofing costs

There is a cost-saving to your spray foam roof when comparing it to traditional roofing systems. This cost-saving means you will save tens of thousands over the life of your spray foam roof. The same fact cannot be about any other roofing system. Renewing a spray foam roof is half the cost and sometimes even a third of what it did in the original installation. This is important as it gives you or your Jurupa Valley business the ability to allocate more resources towards more important things to better compete in your industry. 

The recoating process

After ten years have passed, your spray foam roof sits around at less than half the original thickness, but once the recoat is applied, the roofing system gets restored to capacity. It is done by simply giving the roofing system a power wash, then spraying on a new layer of spray foam and applying the granules. The existing spray foam roof itself does not get removed, which means little-to-no mess. Imagine that, a straightforward process that does not require a tremendous overhaul!

Keeping your spray foam roof renewable

Your spray foam roofing system requires routine maintenance to ensure that it will last for decades and be free of any unforeseen damage. Although spray foam roofs are durable, damage can still occur. Therefore, it is most important to look out for any holes mainly caused by sharp tools that get dropped, nails, or even high winds experienced in Jurupa Valley that can sometimes drop debris.

Therefore, we recommended developing routine maintenance with a roofing contractor to ensure that your roofing system remains in optimal shape.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on a spray foam roof throughout the year will ensure gutters will remain clear of any debris such as leaves, and trash gets removed, etc. Maintenance will, more importantly, allow for the inspection of any cracks or penetration done to the spray foam roof that worsens at a rapid pace due to the degradation. When it comes to cracks in the spray foam roof, any that remain exposed long-term will make it susceptible for water to penetrate the roof deck and eventually into the building. The good news is that even spray foam roofs that experience damages like cracks are repairable, but you must maintain your roof by having routine inspections to avoid the extra hassle. 

While the maintenance on a spray foam roof takes place, it is important to check for bad spray foam installation. Not all spray foam roofs are applied the same, roofing contractors are different, thus making it important to look out for a few signs of an inadequate foam installation. First, make sure the contractor can explain the process and the science behind the product. It is also vital to ensure the contractor has adequate experience in spray foam roofing by checking for references of roofs they have previously worked on when it comes to maintenance and recoating.