SPF insulation is essential for wine tanks

The quality of your wine is directly correlated with not only the amount of insulation your wine tank possesses, but also the quality of the insulation, which is why even the slightest fluctuations in temperature can have huge ramifications when it comes to the consistency of a batch of wine. SPF insulation can fix that issue and effectively improve the overall quality of your product.

Due to the careful application of SPF insulation, as well as its adhesion and complete insulation capabilities, it is the perfect choice for insulating temperature controlled wine tanks. SPF insulation keeps wine tanks encapsulated with the preferred climate, and protects against the fluctuating outside temperatures.

Summarized benefits of SPF insulation:

  • Greatly reduces cooling costs – up to 35%.
  • Maintains preferred temperature which is crucial for consistency.
  • Superior technology compared to other traditional insulation.
  • The versatility of SPF allows it to be customized to any specification needed.
  • SPF insulation is a durable, effective material that lasts for years with reliability.
  • Acts as a vapor barrier for wine tanks which is attributed to the total encapsulation that SPF provides.