Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing systems available for commercial buildings in Ontario, California. 

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) contains a variety of features that make it the ideal roofing system available for commercial roofs in Ontario, California. SPF is rapidly becoming a household name in the roofing industry, and for good reason, the technology behind it allows for it to be a multi-faceted high-quality material which can be used in any climate, including the hot arid climate found in Ontario, California. Its sustainable characteristics include having a long life, being renewable, energy-saving, adding moisture control, as well as enhancing the structural integrity to the building. 

Energy savings 

Large companies such as the ones found in Ontario, California with huge industrial buildings can benefit greatly from investing in an energy-savings roofing material such as SPF. These savings can be quantified by contrasting the energy consumption of the building before and after the SPF roofing system is installed.  

SPF roofing systems do a phenomenal job at being energy efficient due to the closed-cell spray being applied directly over the roof deck. This continued layer of insulation that is provided eliminates the need for thermal bridging, simply due to being covered over in the application process. With this, SPF roofing systems achieve an aged R-value of anywhere from six to seven per inch applied, which makes for a high rating. These insulation properties allow energy savings to multiply over the life of the commercial building.  


The durability of an SPF roofing system supersedes that of traditional roofs due in large part to the foam expanding and contracting with the commercial building in correlation with the outside temperatures. This minimizes the risk of cracking and splitting.  

The durability of an SPF roofing system allows for it to last for over 30 years if it is maintained by being recoated every 10-15 years, making it an excellent choice for commercial buildings in Ontario, California. Furthermore, the minimal maintenance of an SPF roof makes it a desirable material of choice for your roofing system. SPF roofing systems also resist leaks caused by debris blown in by wind, as well as resisting damage from high winds. An SPF roofing system also adds additional strength to the structure, and decreases damage caused by moisture. This is vital as the two main reasons for early roof failures are a lack of moisture and wind-resistance, which an SPF roofing system does an exceptional job of providing. SPF roofing systems are also safe to walk on as it does not cause any damage due to foot traffic or any construction being done. Thus, dispelling the preconceived notion that SPF roofing systems are made up of soft foam that can be easily damaged.  

 Sustainable material 

One of the many great benefits of an SPF roofing system is that it is an environmentally friendly material that offers ozone depletion protection (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP). This makes it great for large commercial buildings in a state such as California that is aiming to reduce emissions. How is this calculated? It is done by calculating its environmental warning impact that is produced through chemical emissions, and indirect effects from energy emissions contributing to global warming throughout the course of the roofing system’s life. Those effects are greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, which an SPF roofing system does well to minimize with the minimal effects of its blowing agents. 

Sprayed polyurethane has long been considered a harmful material for the environment due to its blowing agents, but that simply is not the cases as most polyurethane blowing agents leave the atmosphere within ten years, which is a tiny fraction of what it takes for Carbon Dioxide to leave our atmosphere.  

Because SPF roofing systems are so durable and last if they do, they reduce the global warming emissions as the years go by. The key here is the lifespan of an SPF roof, which is exceptional. This reduces its global warming impact, making it an eco-friendly material of choice to consider for commercial roofs in Ontario, California. 

Waterproof and Seamless 

The seamless application of a Spray Polyurethane mixture before it expands and turns to foam helps fill any gaps, cracks, and seams on the existing roof substrate creating an ideal roofing system. This allows for the roof to become waterproof due to the SPF roofing system not requiring seams or joints, preventing the risk of leakage in those vulnerable areas of a roof. An evenly spread application of a Sprayed Polyurethane mixture will help correct unevenness that is found on the existing roof substrate, helping reduce any ponding rainwater which would be detrimental to the components of the roof and leave other unforeseen damages. This is in part because SPF roofing systems have incredible adhesion to a variety of roof substrates such as concrete, wood, and metal.


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