Reasons to choose Spray foam roofing in Palm Desert, California 

Why should you consider a spray foam roofing system? 

Spray foam roofing systems are amongst one the best investments you can make for your home or business in Palm Desert, California (92255). Spray foam roofing is a strong and reliable roofing system that provides a structure with a plethora of benefits that other roofing systems simply cannot provide. If you are like most people, chances are you do not want to shell out hard-earned money for something that has lackluster benefits, that is why spray foam roofing is recommended. 

How the application process works 

The application of spray foam roofing starts with a liquid spraying process. After an even layer of liquid spray is applied, it quickly begins to expand, creating a solid layer of durable spray foam that spans the entire roofing substrate. An additional top layer is finally applied with granules for maximum roof protection. This roofing system is suitable for all types of roofs, whether that is commercial, industrial, or residential buildings. CRT Roofing can accommodate any of your roofing needs in Palm Desert, California. 

  1. Spray foam roofing’s strong insulation capabilities

Due to the extreme weather conditions found in Palm Desert, it is more than vital for your roofing system to provide maximum insulation that will not only drive your costs down but also allow your home or building to be shielded by the elements. If you have lived in Palm Desert or just about anywhere in Coachella Valley, you know that it does not just get hot, it gets extremely hot! Not to mention that Palm Desert experiences high winds, and even tends to get cold. Therefore, you will want a roofing system that is going to combat these kinds of elements while maintaining overall protection. 

One of the biggest benefits of spray foam roofing’s strong insulation capabilities is that it stops air leaks that may arise from holes, punctures, cracks, etc., thanks to the closed-cell technology of spray foam roofing. Spray foam roofing also eliminates energy losses, which means Palm Desert residents can be equipped with the best energy-saving roof available on the market. 

  1. Spray foam roofing is durable!

Thanks to the unique technology behind spray foam roofing, the roofing system can expand and contract with the structure in conjunction with the temperatures found outside. This allows for the roofing system to mitigate cracking and splitting from occurring. 

Since a spray foam roofing system is so durable, it requires minimal maintenance! Who does not want a roofing system that they will not have to worry about? The durability that you get from having a spray foam roofing system lends itself to lasting around 30 years or more! This of course all depends on how well you choose to maintain it, which will start with creating a simple maintenance plan and getting a recoat every 10 years. This makes spray foam roofing an exceptional choice for your home or business if you are in the market for a new roofing system in Palm Desert, California. 

Spray foam roofing systems are exceptionally durable against leaks that sometimes occur because of debris blown in by high winds, which Palm Desert residents are no strangers to. This is important for preventing issues with penetration that can lead to costly issues like air leaks and moisture. When it comes to roofing systems, the two biggest reasons for early roof failure are a lack of moisture resistance and wind resistance, which spray foam roofing systems do an excellent job of providing. 

A spray foam roofing system also comes with the benefit of adding additional strength to the structure of your home or business in Palm Desert. Contrary to popular belief, the foam itself is durable to the point that it is safe to walk on without causing any damage, even from any work being done on the roof. So, by now you should be understanding why this roofing system is so unique and so dynamic.

  1. Spray foam roofing is water-resistant and seamless

Due to our seamless application of spray polyurethane mixture on an existing roof substrate, any cracks, gaps, and seams are filled as the foam expands. This allows the roofing system to become water-resistant because it eliminates the need for seams and joints, preventing leakage in those two vulnerable areas of a roof. CRT Roofing has highly-trained roof technicians that will ensure an evenly spread application of spray foam across your roof which will correct any unevenness that exists in the roof substrate. With a seamless roof, you can say goodbye to ponding water that will ruin your roof’s essential components. 

Consider spray foam roofing for your next roofing system 

If you are currently in the market for a new roofing system in Palm Desert, California, or soon to be, consider a spray foam roofing system as your next choice. Reach out to us today for a consultation and get your roofing needs taken care of. Financing is available.